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Telecommunications MIS Solutions

When a telecommunications entity invests in eTelecom Management Information Systems, it effectively enables the capability to integrate the management of its workforce and business processes.

Human Resources, Payroll, Financial and Revenue Collection Management Information Systems are essential baseline systems that must be in place in order to accommodate the eventual integration of all upstream and downstream systems.

This eTelecom MIS should be seamlessly integrated & based on Relational Database Management

Telecom Pain Points
Extended Benefits Recovery
: Collection of payments for: Car Loans, Housing, Cash Advances etc.

Vendor Revenue Recovery:  Collection of  revenue from mobile money, scratch cards, etc.

Administrative Burden: tracking day-to-day key business functions, including extended benefits and vendor revenue recovery



Benefits: Information Technology Affects The Way You Compete.  Agreed!

  1. Increased Revenue: 100% Tracking and High Rate of Recovery  of Outstanding Extended Benefits
  2. Increased Revenue: 100% Tracking and High Rate of Recovery Rate of Outstanding Vendor Repayment of Mobile Money & Other Services
  3. Reliable Extended Benefit Program Leading to Increased Benefits Across your organization for a larger number of personnel
  4. Reduced Administrative Burden through Effective, Integrated Management of the Extended Benefits and Vendor Recovery Programs
  5. Sustainability GDT will Train your organization IT Staff to Fully Support the your MIS Systems to ensure sustainability

  6. OPTIONAL Data Warehouse (Metadata) - Access to valuable data to support Strategic decisions

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