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GDT develops custom software to  automate business and scientific processes. We service a wide array of industries  including Banking, Commerce and Healthcare management. We build solutions from small-scale  database management applications to server-based multi-tier systems and mission critical  applications. Flexible and versatile, our customer-driven design processes and experienced  software engineers ensure that the solutions we develop meet your needs. Our mission is to  build useful software for people to use.

With extensive intellectual know-how and practical  experience, GDT will perform analysis of your business, conduct  a feasibility study, review your current physical and logical models of your business,  design new physical and logical models and determine value added domains of automation.

Do not let anyone convince you that installing computers at your work place will automatically increase your productivity hence bottom line. NOT TRUE.  Let GDT engineers use their expertise to help you identify your domain of change where automation will add value to your business.  We will model, design, develop, implement and  support your systems.  We will also ensure that  you get what you need  and not what our competitors want to sell you.

Information Technology Affects The Way You Compete.  Agreed!

We Develop Software / Applications  In The
Following Environments / Languages

GUI / Front End + Databases +
Oracle Dev/Server SQL Adoptive Server
PowerBuilder Sybase SQL
C/C++ Oracle BD
MS Visual Basic MS SQL
Web Platforms Architecture
SharePoint n-tier Systems
SharePoint Web-Enabled
Linux RedHat Thin Client
Windows Server n-tier Systems
IIS Client Server
Apache Tomcat Data Warehouse
PHP Mobile Solutions
Others Business Areas
PowerBuilder PFC Telecom MIS
.Net Framework Healthcare MIS
.Enterprise Architecture eGovernment MIS
.Law Enforcement / Police Defense Systems / Military
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