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Technology puts information at the fingertips of healthcare professionals so they can access information about their patients to make the right decision in a timely manner. Global Data Technology (GDT) uses the power of technology to improve patient management and lower costs by providing the most effective way to managing patient records. GDT’s MagPital™ provides the solution for healthcare information management.MagPital™ was built with the Global Market in mind. It automates business processes such as patient care information and tracks just relevant billing information from self pay, either in cash or credit card to insurance payment either 100% primary or partial payment by secondary insurance including co-payments. In a nut shell, it automates and tracks all patient care processes and clients or patients who owe you money, how much they owe you, which insurance company is responsible for what portion of the bill, when the payment is due, an overdue report by patient, whom to bill right now, and summary reports of accounts receivables and Payables. MagPital™ will provide you with all grand totals for your account as input for your accountant to easily prepare your reports and taxes. MagPital™ is all about effective PATIENT CARE and effective FUND COLLECTING process.

MagPital™ is an integrated patient management system that focuses on capturing patient demographics and associate the patient record with each visit, captures the symptoms, treatments, prescribed medications and relevant billing information. It further ensures a patient’s awareness of subsequent appointments, hence reducing the percentage of missed appointments.

MagPital™ Feature

Multi-level security access allows you to grant different access privileges to different users.

MagPital™ Feature

MagPital™ allows you to stop in the middle of anything to look up a patient's record, add a payment, change an insurance company address and more.

MagPital™ Feature
On Screen Viewing/Printing:

Anything that can be printed can be viewed on screen or printed to a file. Our on screen viewer allows you to view and or print any text file on your disk.  All billing forms, patient statements, reports and labels can be printed on a dot matrix printer or an HP LaserJet II compatible laser printer.


PRE-LOADED DATABASES - Save time by ordering the pre-loaded databases. (Optional)

INSURANCE CARRIERS- Many Insurance carriers with names, addresses and phone numbers. (Optional)



Treatment recommendation
Interface for Country specific tax forms


MagPital™ Feature
Patient Tracking:

MagPital™ tracks patient from point of entry to disposition/discharge. For future visits, it quickly retrieves patient demographic data from the most recent visit and automatically assign visit-specific account numbers and unique medical record numbers. For outpatients and recurring patients, MagPital™ captures all treatment activities and keeps them in the patient’s file.

MagPital™ Feature
User Friendly:

MagPital™ is menu driven, intuitive and easy to use. It’s DATA ENTRY is Intuitive, highly automated with handy lookup tables and built in help files. This speeds data entry for the experienced user and guides the new user.

MagPital™ Feature
Transaction Screen:

Patient activity is viewed on one screen. Adding or viewing all dates of service, charges, payments, adjustments, insurance claims or filing dates or notes are made easy. Medical Record Search and Retrieval are standards features of the software.

MagPital™ Feature

Income reports, aging reports, management reports, status reports, patient reports could be generated from your data. Filters allow you to limit reports by date range, provider, practice, facility, procedure, insurer, patient type and more. Save your report criteria for easy re-use.

MagPital™ Feature
Patient Billing:
Special messages will prompt based on account age. Special treatment can be given to accounts making monthly payments. Multiple statements can be printed.

MagPital™ Feature
Appointment Reminder:

Appointment Reminders
MagPital™ ensures a patients’ awareness of subsequent appointments and also makes sure that patients keep their appointments. Where available, MagEmail automatically emails patients 48 hour prior to their appointment time. MagLog further keeps a log of all successful email transmissions for record purposes. Wait, MagPital™ does more.  24 hours before the appointment, the doctor’s office is automatically reminded to contact the patient

MagPital™ Feature
Referral Programs:
Most hospitals and clinics like to track referrals to and from the network of partners and friends. MagPital™ assures that this information is captured. Finally, a physician can refer his or her patients to a specialist and still keep track of where the patient has last been. It makes it easy for patient information to be shared among the patient’s primary physicians and specialists, thus assures better care of the patient. Referral programs are also used as a tool to acknowledge those who have referred you business.

MagPital™ Feature
Account Receivable:
Tracks amounts charged, expected payment, amounts paid, adjustments, refunds and balance due. MagPital™ automatically calculates applicable totals.  In addition to the amount charged, the expected payment is calculated for each claim. This is an approximated amount that can be set separately for each carrier using either a percentage of total charge or unit charge. The expected payment can be used to gauge more realistic expectation of income and to help validate insurance payments received

Excellent Point:
Due to various kinds of medical laws and regulations in some countries, medical billing systems have been developed to include several complicated laws. These laws keep changing although once the software is purchased, most administrators do not go back to update the built in laws with the hundreds of new laws that were implemented. Over 65% of the features and the logic integrated in most medical billing systems are country-specific and are therefore not applicable internationally. Guess what? If your health care management system is not MagPital™, chances are you are paying for features that are not applicable to your specific needs.


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