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  United States Department Of the Army (Oracle
   Software Design Development)
  Maryland State (Department of Health and Human Services - Database eBusiness Solutions)
  A.Q. Solutions (DNS Services)
  Advanced Concepts (eCommerce Solutions)
  CyberCepts (Multi IT Services)
  E-A Global Concepts (Multi IT Services)
  United States Department Of Defense (Software Dev.)
  African American Health Coalition (eBusiness Solutions) (Multi IT Services)
  GhanaMD (Software Development and eCommerce
  Dennison Assoc. (eBusniess Solutions)
  Desbuild Real Estate Dev. (eBusniess Solutions)
  Prepaid Legal (eBusiness Solutions)
  St. Augustine's Past Students Association (APSU)
  Holy Child Past Students Association (HOPSA)
  Reeves (Network Solutions)

AND 100s MORE............................


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